Open Memorial Day Morning May 20th

We will be open with reduced hours of 8am to noon on Monday May 20th to help make your memorial day a little more beautiful.


Doing it yourself? We won’t judge. Just remember we are also ready to help from start to finish with advice, designs, deliveries and installation.

Have a question about something already in your yard? Plants that aren’t doing well? Bring us your pictures and plant cuttings for an in-store diagnosis.


We stock a wide-variety of plants suitable for Central Florida conditions from natives to landscaping staples and exotics. Consult our staff for more details on what will best thrive in your neighborhood.

Don’t see something you like? Please ask. Our inventory changes constantly and we are happy to give you a courtesy call if we find something on your wish list.

Because our available inventory changes often, the best place to browse is in-store. For the benefit of customers who can’t get here whenever they wish, or want to do their own research before arriving, we are pleased to offer this partial list of commonly available material.

Plant NameScientific Name
Acacia SweetVachellia farnesiana
Allamanda Brown BudAllamanda cathcartica hendersonii
Allamanda BushAllamanda schottii
Allamanda Golden ButterflyAllamanda cathartica
Alocasia odoraAlocasia odora
Alocasia Regal ShieldAlocasia odora 'Alocasia reginula'
Arboricola DazzleSchefflera arboricola 'Dazzle'
Arboricola TrinetteSchefflera arboricola 'Trinette'
Azalea Duc De RohanRhododendron indica 'Duc de Rohan'
Azalea Duchess of CypressRhododendron indica 'Duchess of Cypress'
Blue My MindEvolvulus hybrida
Cassia ButterflyCassia bicapsularis
ChenilleAcalypha hispida
Coffee Little PsychoPsychotria nervosa 'Little Psycho'
CoontieZamia integrifolia
Copperleaf Bourbon Street (Dwarf)Acalypha wilkesiana 'Bourbon Street'
Cordyline Black MagicCordyline fruiticosa 'Black Magic'
Cordyline FloricaCordyline fruticosa 'Florica'
Cordyline KiwiCordyline fruticosa 'Kiwi'
Crape Myrtle BashamLagerstroemia indica 'Basham'
Crape Myrtle TuskaroraLagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'
Crinum Lily GreenCrinum asiaticum
Crinum Lily Queen EmmaCrinum augustum 'Queen Emma'
Croton AFD5Codiaeum variegatum 'Fantasy'
Croton CongoCodiaeum variegatum 'Congo'
Croton MagnificentCodiaeum variegatum 'Magnificent'
Croton MammeyCodiaeum variegatum 'Mammey'
Croton Mammey YellowCodiaeum variegatum 'Yellow Mammey'
Croton PiecrustCodiaeum variegatum 'Piecrust'
Croton Sloppy PainterCodiaeum variegatum 'Eleanor Roosevelt'
Croton StoplightCodiaeum variegatum 'Stoplight'
Cypress BaldTaxodium distichum
DianellaDianella tasmanica 'Variegata'
Duranta Gold MoundDuranta repens
Duranta Sapphire ShowersDuranta erecta 'Sapphire Showers'
Dusty MillerSenecio cineraria 'Dusty Miller'
Eucalyptus RainbowEucalyptus deglupta
FennelFoeniculum vulgare
Fern FoxtailAsparagus densiflores cv sprengeri
Fig Brown TurkeyFicus carica 'Brown Turkey'
Firebush Calusa RedHamelia patens 'Calusa'
Firebush DwarfHamelia patens 'Compacta'
Firecracker FernRusselia equisetiformis
FirespikeOdontonema cuspidatum
Fountain Grass RedPennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'
Gardenia AimeeGardenia jasminoides 'Aimee'
Gardenia ButtonsGardenia jasminoides 'Buttons'
Gardenia Miami SupremeGardenia jasminoides 'Miami Supreme'
Ginger ButterflyHedychium cornarium
Grass Blue EyedSisyrinchium angustifolium
HibiscusHibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus CooperiHibiscus rosa-sinensis cooperii
Hibiscus FiestaHibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Fiesta'
Hibiscus Panama RedHibiscus acetosella 'Panama Red'
Hibiscus Red Hot/Fire & IceHibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Red Hot'
Holly BufordiIlex cornuta 'Dwarf Burford'
Holly DahoonIlex cassine
Holly Dahoon TennesawIlex cassine 'Tensaw'
Honeysuckle CapeTecoma capensis
Indian HawthorneRhaphiolepis indica
Iris African WhiteDietes vegeta
Iris African YellowDietes bicolor
Iris ReginaNeomarica caerulea 'Regina'
Ixora Maui RedIxora coccinea 'Maui Red'
Ixora Maui YellowIxore coccinea 'Maui Yellow'
Ixora Nora GrantIxora coccinia 'Nora Grant'
Ixora Super KingIxora coccinia 'Super King'
Ixora Taiwan (Dwarf)Ixora chinensis
JacarandaJacaranda mimosifolia
Japanese BlueberryElaeocarpus decipiens
Japanese BoxwoodBuxus microphylla
Jasmine ConfederateTrachelospermum jasminoides
Jasmine MinimaTrachelospermum asiaticum
Jasmine SambacJasminum sambac
Juniper Blue PacificJuniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific'
Juniper NanaJuniperus procumbens 'Nana'
LantanaLantana camara
Lantana GoldLantana depressa
Lion's EarLeonotis leonurus
Lirope AztecLiriope muscari 'Aztec Grass'
Lirope MondoOphiopogon japonicus
Lirope Super BlueLiriope muscari
Mahoe VarigatedTalipariti tiliaceum
Mexican Flame VinePseudogynoxys chenopodioides
Milkweed GiantCalotropis gigantea
Milkweed TropicalAsclepias curassavica
Milkweed yellowAsclepias tuberosa
Mona LavenderPlectranthus 'Mona Lavender'
Muhly GrassMuhlenbergia capillaris
Necklace PodSophora tomentosa
Oak LaurelQuercus hemisphaerica
OleanderNerium oleander
Oleander Petite Pink (Dwarf)Nerium oleander 'Petite Pink'
Palm AlexanderArchontophoenix alexandrae
Palm ArecaDypsis lutescens
Palm BambooChamaedorea seifrizii
Palm BizmarkBismarckia nobilis
Palm BottleHyophorbe lagenicaulis
Palm CardboardZamia furfuracea
Palm CatChamaedorea cataractarum
Palm Chinese FanLivistona chinensis
Palm ChristmasAdonidia merrillii
Palm CoconutCocos nucifera
Palm European FanChamaerops humilis
Palm FishtailCaryota mitis
Palm FoxtailWodyetia bifurcata
Palm PindoButia capitata
Palm PonytailBeaucarnea recurvata
Palm Pygmy DatePhoenix roebelenii
Palm ReclinataPhoenix reclinata
Palm RoyalRoystonea regia
Palm SpindleHyophorbe verschaffeltii
Palm SylvesterPhoenix sylvestris
Palm Traveler'sRavenala madagascariensis
Palm TriangleDypsis decaryi
Pampas GrassCortaderia selloana
Pandanus VarigatedPandanus veitchii 'Variegata'
ParsleyPetroselinum crispum
Passion Vine Corky StemPassiflora suberosa
Peace LilySpathiphyllum wallisii
Penta HeirloomPentas lanceolata
Petrea VinePetrea volubilis
Pine Norfolk IslandAraucaria heterophylla
Pineapple Guava FeijoaAcca sellowiana
Pittosporum GreenPittosporum tobira
Pittosporum VarigatedPittosporum tobira 'Variegatum'
Plumbago Blue
Plumbago auriculata
Podocarpus MakiPodocarpus macrophyllus 'Maki'
Podocarpus Pringles (Dwarf)Podocarpus macrophyllus 'Pringles'
Podocarpus WeepingPodocarpus gracilior
Poinciana RoyalDelonix regia
Porterweed BlueStachytarpheta jamaicensis
Porterweed Dwarf RedStachytarpheta sanguinea
Pot MarigoldCalendula officinalis
PowderpuffCalliandra surinamensis
RuelliaRuellia simplex
SapodillaManilkara zapota
Sea GrapesCoccoloba uvifera
Shrimp PlantJusticia brandegeeana
Simpson StopperMyrcianthes fragrans
Society GarlicTulbaghia violacea
Sweet AlmondAloysia virgata
Thunbergia King's MantleThunbergia erecta 'King's Mantle'
Viburnum SuspensumViburnum suspensum
Viburnum SweetViburnum odoratissimum
Waffle PlantHemigraphis exotica
Wax MyrtleMyrica cerifera
Wild LimeZanthoxylum fagara


We sell selected hardscape products including weed film, vinyl edging, and bulk ground covers like mulch and gravel to help your plants look their very best.

Chemical products that we use to keep our plants looking great are also available for purchase. Get fertilizers specially selected for Central Florida growing conditions. Control insects, fungus, and weeds with the confidence of expert advice and great lawn and garden products including Fertilome and Hi-Yield.

Specialty Decor

Looking to personalize your space indoor and out? Plants aren’t our entire business (just most of it). From quirky wall art and signs, to tiki heads you never know what you’ll find, for a unique gift or for yourself.

And of course there’s multiple styles of pots. Because plants look good anywhere. Just ask us.