Proper irrigation is a dynamic system, requiring full-perimeter water application and before-5drainage. Neither of these objectives can be successfully achieved without the other, or without a thorough knowledge of available technologies and their proper use.

In the case of an existing sprinkler system, we’ll evaluate efficiently and make recommendations for upgrade to deliver the daily moisture it requires.

Steps to follow.

For New Installation, proper watering of newly planted material is important to the short and long-term success of the landscape. Since we cannot be on-site daily after your new landscape installation, we must rely on the customer to ensure all material is watered daily for up to three weeks or until material has rooted.

So please make the necessary arrangements, which includes, yet is not limited to: sod, plugs, flowers, bushes, vines, trees, palms and ground cover. Limited warranties on plant material will be voided if visible drought stress is evident.

In order to limit the potential for loss we recommend the following:

1. Have irrigation system checked prior to installation.
2. Make arrangements to water plant material thoroughly everyday for the first 10 to 14 days. We highly recommend using a watering wand to water your plants once a day by hand with a hose, preferably in the mornings, to completely soak the soil through the root ball. Even with an automatic sprinkler system, water should be applied by hand to ensure that it is absorbed deeply into the soil.
3. Check plant material for rooting once per week and reduce watering accordingly.
4. Call us if you see any signs of decline so we can address any area of concern.