Lighting is an element of landscape that is often missed or installed poorly. Landscape lighting transforms dark grounds into a lovely serenity.  Whether glowing with an interior light or exile against the wall in the elegant night, landscape lighting paints the beauty of natural and refined appearance in a pool, fountain, island, or pathway, all with just a subtle shade, shadow and color.

Well-placed low-voltage landscape lighting along walkways and near hazards shows thoughtful concern for guests and adds safety to your garden of light. But to achieve this beauty takes more than a few spots in the trees. Emerald will bring the outdoor landscape lighting designed to perfectly enhance the beauty of our client’s home or business.

We have the knowledge of fixture placement and lamp capabilities to properly enhance your property.  With that in mind, you can rest assured we will provide you with a professionally designed landscape lighting system. We will take the time to design a plan to conform to your desires and highlight the important aspects of your home and landscape.