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Landscape renovation is an important part of home improvement. Even with conscientious trimming and maintenance, foundation plantings get over crowded after years of growth. Depending on how close your trees and shrubs were originally spaced, and what types of plants were used, this overcrowding could begin much sooner.   A current trend in our area is to over plant. While this style of planting creates an established look much sooner, it also creates a need to renovate foundation plantings much sooner. This is especially true when the wrong plants are used for plantings close to a house — plants that grow too fast or large for their allotted space.

When is it time to renovate your landscape?

It often comes as a great surprise when clients learn that foundation plantings have a limited lifespan, and should be renovated once they are older. If the right trees have been planted in the right places in lawn areas, they can remain for much longer. It’s the close proximity to foundations and sidewalks that create an earlier need for foundation planting renovations.    We can attempt to salvage whatever existing plants are still in good shape and will blend with new plantings.  Working with what can be salvaged and transplanting some plants and trees to fit in the client’s budget, we can create and capture the landscape that our clients requests’ specifically.

With Emerald you will achieve that new vibrant landscape you have been looking for, with beautiful color and lushness you desire.